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Kad si srecan - When You Are Happy And You Know It by djnick2k
Kad si srecan - When You Are Happy And You Know It
Kad si srećan… (When You Are Happy And You Know It…) Nursery Rhymes 2015 powered by Jaffa - NEW SUMMER HIT VIDEO FOR CHILDREN! :)

★★★ CREDITS ★★★

Ideja, Grafika, Animacija, Muzika i Zvucni efekti (Idea, Graphic, Animation, Music & Sound FX) by

Nikola Tomic alias Nykk Deetronic or

Dodatna grafika (Additional Graphics) by
Arpad Barna

Glasovi (Voices):
Mama (Jelena alias Seka Persa)
Tata (Nykk)
Masha (Our Little Puppy)

Pevanje (Singing):
Jelena Kovačević

Powered by Jaffa Cakes / Crvenka

Fabrika biskvita Jaffa DOO

★★★ SUPPORT ★★★………………
Resurrection MED and xRNS MIX 1994-2012 deetronic by djnick2k
Resurrection MED and xRNS MIX 1994-2012 deetronic
Nykk Deetronic Music Compilation with Songs Composed from 1994 to 2012 in OctaMED Sound Studio (Amiga) & Renoise (PC)

The Resurrection MIX: Breakbeat, Electro, Psy Trance, Full-On Trance, Progressive Trance, Dark Techno, Trance, Acid, Dance & Drum and Bass by Nykk Deetronic (1994-2012)

Lots of people asked me to create a compilation of my songs I've composed in .MED (OctaMED Sound Studio / Amiga) and .xRNS (Renoise / PC) between 1994 and 2012, so here comes over 2hr of music. I hope you will enjoy this retro / old skool music mixed with slightly newer songs.

Nykk Deetronic music on iTunes:…

Support me by subscribing on my official Deetronic Youtube page: or

No. Song Name                             Speed       Year  Style        Software
00 Welcome                                 000 bpm     1994  Intro        OctaMED SS
01 The Resurrection                     107 bpm     1997  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
02 Stoned (unfinished)                 098 bpm     1996  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
03 7 Days (unfinished)                 102 bpm     1996  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
04 The Factory (unfinished)          105 bpm     1997  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
05 My Mind is Hot                         122 bpm     1996  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
06 Psychrobz                                125 bpm     1996  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
07 Doomsday                               155 bpm     1995  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
08 Mother                                    125 bpm     1997  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
09 Break Phreak                           125 bpm     1997  Breakdance   OctaMED SS
10 You Can Dance                        127 bpm     2006  Electro      Renoise
11 You Talk Dirty (unfinished)       129 bpm     1998  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
12 The Gathering                         130 bpm     1996  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
13 Pandora’s Box                         130 bpm     1997  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
14 Sacrifice                                 140 bpm     1997  Goa Bbeat    OctaMED SS
15 Xplosion                                 143 bpm     1997  Goa Bbeat    OctaMED SS
16 Escape                                   145 bpm     1996  Dance        OctaMED SS
17 Warp                                      148 bpm     1995  Goa Trance   OctaMED SS
18 Sulphuric Acid                         150 bpm     1994  Acid Techno  OctaMED SS
19 XTC                                        145 bpm     2009  Psy Trance   Renoise
20 2 Far                                      145 bpm     2009  Psy Trance   Renoise
21 You Are Beautiful                    145 bpm     2012  Progressive  Renoise
22 Pandora’s Box Psy RMX            145 bpm     2012  Psy Trance   Renoise
23 Tribute 2 Amiga                      145 bpm     2007  Psy Trance   Renoise
24 We Are All Aliens                     145 bpm     2009  Dark Trance  Renoise
25 A Boy Lived in the Woods         145 bpm     2007  Dark Trance  Renoise
26 Capital Punishment RMX          155 bpm     2009  Progressive  Renoise
27 d-Generation                           165 bpm     1997  Breakbeat    OctaMED SS
28 I See (unfinished)                    170 bpm     2010  Drum’n’Bass  Renoise
29 Race After D’N’B RMX               175 bpm     2010  Drum’n’Bass  Renoise
30 Little Nykk (Live Act)                000 bpm     1978  Live         :-)

• Music, SFX, Animations inside the Amiga 500 computer and some background animations by Nykk Deetronic.
• 90% background videos / loops / animations were bought from
Orchestra Music for Air Combat Simulation PC Game by djnick2k
Orchestra Music for Air Combat Simulation PC Game
Action Orchestra Music for Air Combat Simulation PC Game (2014) composed by Nykk Deetronic in Renoise tracker (

Music, Captured Video & Design by Nykk Deetronic 2015.

More info about the game [which is currently still work in progress] will follow soon.

Video [to watch] & Music [to listen] is here:…


Thanks for listening :)


Nikola Tomic
Welcome 2 My GFX World!

I am mainly music composer & DJ and have several releases but since 2001 I am involved into the graphics, animation & video world and I am really enjoying it.

You can read more about me & my work @

And here is list of other web sites you can find other interesting things about me:

Listen and download some of my latest releases on iTunes:
Nykk Deetronic:… - djnick deetronic Youtube channel… - music store - my latest music promotions & music online store… - US online radio station… - audio & music video streaming - play & download some of my latest music tracks… - my artwork / graphic design list - my deviantart graphic design CV… - my web design stuff for downloading… - my 3D models for downloading… - my audio & sfx stuff for downloading - my graphic design online CV - my graphic design online CV - music account on MySpace - my Twitter page - my LinkedIn page - personal contact via FaceBook

Over 18 years of work on computers.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Text Processing, Drawing and Painting, Art Direction, Layout, Pre-Press of Magazines, Newspapers and Books, Scanning and Image Editing. General Design, Logotypes, Business Cards, Billboards, Posters, Flyers, Accounts, Schedules, Memos, Business Letters, Covers for Audio/Video Tapes/Discs... and preparing for screen and offset print or image setting for printers. Also creating business Web Pages using Java Script & Flash; Professional Animations, TV Commercials, Trailers and Music / Sound Effects and Audio Engineering for Clients.

Digital Illustration, High End Retouching, Photomontage, Digital Photography, Art Direction, Artwork, Design, Visualization, Traditional and Modern Illustration, DTP (Desktop Publishing) & Layout Magazine Design (including Prepress), Newspapers and Books (Including CD Covers, TV Telops, Billboards, Posters, Flyers, Business Cards...); Web Design & Internet Pages (Using JavaScripts, Flash, JQuerry), Audio & Video editing (Animations, TV / Music / Commercial Videos & Multimedia Ads and Presentations, Video Trailers, Motion Tracking & VisualFX), Music Composing, Mixing and Sound Effects Engineering for Radio / TV, Theatres, Movies and Computer Games.

Software Skills:
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects, Mocha for Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe InDesign, Softlogik Page Stream, Quark Xpress, Corel Draw, Haage&Partner’s ArtEffect, Idruna Photogenics, Microsoft Front Page, Adobe Dream Weaver, Pty Ltd’s SwishMAX, Adobe Flash, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Xara 3D, Steinberg WaveLab, Sony SoundForge, Sony Acid, RBF OctaMED Sound Studio, ReNoise music tracker including VST instruments & effects...

Electronic Music [DJing], Computers, Image and Media Technology, Film and Directing, Photography, Tennis, Skiing…

Other Abilities:
Innovative, creative, very fast and professional, excellent communication skills, ability to work under hard pressure and tight deadlines. Nonsmoker. References available upon request.

All best. d.j.

Current Residence: Belgrade
Favourite genre of music: ambient, electro, d'n'b, breakbeat, psy...
Favourite style of art: pop & futuristik
Operating System: iOS, Win7, AmigaOS
MP3 player of choice: Aimp
Shell of choice: vistamizer
Wallpaper of choice: neural cortextwist by rudy/mnv
Skin of choice: rainy
Favourite cartoon character: Dexter...
Personal Quote: .:who do u wanna listen 2day?:.

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